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    In a country that defines itself by ideas, not by shared blood, who should be allowed to come, work and live here? In the wake of the Sept.11 attacks these questions have never seemed more pressing.
  On Dec. 11, 2001, as part of the effort to increase 加拿大时时彩技巧land security, federal and local authorities in 14 states staged “Operation Safe Travel”—raids on airports to arrest employees with false identification (身份证明). In Salt Lake City there were 69 arrests. But those captured were anything but terrorists, most of them illegal immigrants from Central or South America. Authorities said the undocumented workers’ illegal status made them open to blackmail(讹诈)by terrorists.
  Many immigrants in Salt Lake City were angered by the arrests and said they felt as if they were being treated like disposable goods.
  Mayor Anderson said those feelings were justified to a certain extent. “We’re saying we want you to work in these places. we’re going to look the other way in terms of what our laws are, and then when it’s convenient for us, or when we can try to make a point in terms of national security, especially after Sept. 11, then you’re disposable. There are whole families being uprooted for all of the wrong reasons, ” Anderson said. If Sept. 11 had never happened, the airport workers would not have been arrested and could have gone on quietly living in America, probably indefinitely. Ana Castro, a manager at a Ben&Jerry’s ice cream shop at the airport, had been working 10 years with the same false Social Security card when she was arrested in the December airport raid. Now she and her family are living under the threat of deportation(驱逐出境). Castro’s case is currently waiting to be settled. While she awaits the outcome, the government has granted her permission to work here and she has returned to her job at Ben&Jerry’s.

1.[单选题]How did the immigrants in Salt Lake City feel about “Operation Safe Travel”?
  • A.Guilty.
  • B.Offended.
  • C.Disappointed.
  • D.Discouraged.
  • 解题思路:细节题。选项B同义替换了第三段,offended(生气的,被触怒的)替换angered. feel offended about “Operation Safe Travel”替换were angered at the arrest。guilty感到内疚的,感到惭愧的,disappointed失望的,discouraged气馁的。
2.[单选题]According to the author,the United States claims to be a nation_____.
  • A.composed of people having different values
  • B.encouraging individual pursuits
  • C.sharing common interests
  • D.founded on shared ideals
  • 解题思路:细节题。根据文章首句:“在一个以理想而非血缘为基础的国家里应该允许什么样的人来这个国家工作并居住呢”,可知美国以共同理想为基础,故选D。
3.[单选题]Undocumented workers became the target of “Operation Safe Travel” because _____.
  • A.evidence was found that they were potential terrorists
  • B.most of them worked at airports under threat of terrorist attacks
  • C.terrorists might take advantage of their illegal status
  • D.they were reportedly helping hide terrorists around the airport
  • 解题思路:细节题。第二段尾句指出,非法移民的工人因其不合法地位很容易被恐怖分子讹诈,故选C。A中的potential潜在的。
4.[单选题]What do we learn about Ana Castro from the last paragraph?
  • A.She will be deported sooner or later.
  • B.She is allowed to stay permanently.
  • C.Her case has been dropped.
  • D.Her fate remains uncertain.
  • 解题思路:细节题。根据对尾段倒数第二句进行细节推断,Castro的案件有待最终审理,无法确定她最终是会被驱逐出境还是被允许留在美国,故选D。A缺乏依据;C与原文相反。B是根据文章尾句设置的干扰选项。While she awaits the outcome表Castro只是被允许在最终结案之前在美国停留一段时间,并非长期,故排除B。
5.[单选题]By saying “…we’re going to look the other way in terms of what our laws are” (Line 2, Para. 4), Mayor Anderson means “_____”.
  • A.we will turn a blind eye to your if legal status
  • B.we will examine the laws in a different way
  • C.here are other ways of enforcing the law
  • D.the existing laws must not be ignored
  • 解题思路:细节题。根据第四段首句的we’re saying we want you to work in these places 和第二句最后的then you’re disposable,and连接的前后两句实际是转折关系。look the other way本指有意忽视某些不好的事情,结合后面的“一旦国家安全被提上日程,移民工人的安危就被置之不理了”进行推测,look the other way in terms of what our laws are指美国在劳动力紧缺时期对移民工人的非法地位睁一眼闭一眼。同时,只有如此解释,美国在不同时期对待移民工人的不同态度才能形成鲜明对比。
  • 参考答案:B,D,C,D,A