• 试题题型【听力 Section B】
Questions 18 -21 are based on the following dialogue between a reporter and a health expert. 
1.[单选题]What do we learn about Mary?
  • A.She is a former nurse.
  • B.She works in a hospital.
  • C.She works for Dr. Slone.
  • D.She is a former professor.
2.[单选题] Who are the research subjects of Dr. Stone’s study?
  • A.Elderly patients.
  • B.Seriously ill patients.
  • C.People who never get sick.
  • D.People who have just recovered.
3.[单选题]What docs Professor Smith do every day?
  • A.He goes swimming.
  • B.He lakes a long nap.
  • C.He does weight-lifting.
  • D.He takes a cold shower.
4.[单选题]What docs Mary credit her health to?
  • A.Balanced diet
  • B.Social network.
  • C.Regular exercise.
  • D.Memory training.
  • 参考答案:C,C,D,B