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There were once many sheiks(阿拉伯的酋长)who wanted to marry Queen Maura, for she was one of the most beautiful and powerful queens of Arabia.

However, she did not like most of the sheiks, and soon there were only three left on her list of possible husbands.

These three sheiks were all equally young and handsome, rich and strong.

It was very hard for the Queen to choose the best one.

One evening, she disguised herself and went to where the three sheiks were having their evening meal.

She asked them to give her something to eat.

The first sheik gave her some stale(不新鲜的)food left over from the day before.

The second sheik gave her a tough piece of old camel's tail.

The third sheik, whose name was Hakim, gave her some of the most tender(嫩的)and tasty meat.

After the meal, Queen Maura left the sheiks' camp.

The next day, she invited the three sheiks to dinner at her palace.

She told her servants to give each sheik what he had given her the evening before.

Hakim, who received a plate of tender and tasty meat, would not eat it unless the other two sheiks could share it with him.

Queen Maura was now certain which of the sheiks she wanted to marry.

"Hakim is the most generous of you," she told them, "so I want to marry him and he will become king."

1.[单选题]The queen was looking for a husband.
  • A.T
  • B.F
  • 解题思路:主旨判断题。从文章中加拿大时时彩技巧可以得知女王确实是在找丈夫。
2.[单选题]Hakim wanted to eat his meal because it was very tasty. 
  • A.T
  • B.F
  • 解题思路:细节判断题。从文章的倒数第三段,加拿大时时彩技巧可以看到Hakim 不是个只顾自己的人。
3.[单选题]The Queen disguised herself because she didn't want to be recognized by the sheiks.
  • A.T
  • B.F

  • 解题思路:推理判断题。女王改变其装扮,的确是不想让酋长们认出来从而三个酋长才可能充分表现出其本质。
4.[单选题]She gave the sheiks some stale food to eat the next evening.
  • A.T
  • B.F
  • 解题思路:细节判断题。“She told her servants to give each sheik what he had given her the evening before.”而不是“stale food”。
5.[单选题]The Queen finally decided to marry Hakim the next evening after the meal.
  • A.T
  • B.F
  • 解题思路:细节判断题。文章的最后一句话是说“... so I want to marry him ...” 这道题是正确的。
  • 参考答案:A,B,A,B,A