• 试题题型【写作 Section B】
Do you like books ? Please write a composition of about 120 words about your opinion on books .
  • 参考答案:Books
        People often say that gold and silver are valuable because everybody wants them . But I say that books ( good books ) are even more valuable because everybody needs them. Books are our friends . They not only introduce us to great men and women, but also take us to all the countries in the world . They tell us stories of all ages . They also help us when we are in difficulty, comfort us in sorrow and misery, and cheer us up in low spirits .
        Books are our teachers. They teach us to know something about life, truth, science and philosophy. They increase our knowledge, enlarge our vocabulary, strengthen our character , and do many other things that silver and gold cannot do.
        In particular, I appreciate what Francis Bacon said—studies serve for delight, for ornament and for ability .Read more good books and you will enrich your life.