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  • 试题题型【阅读理解Section D】
Nowadays, is it possible to tell a person’s class just by looking at him? Physical details __1__ tell us about health, diet and type of work done. A hundred years ago the working class very often lookd unhealthy, small and were either too thin or too fat. The upper classes were often __2__, sporting types who were used to a good diet and looked healthy. Today living and working conditions have improved, and such __3__ would no longer be so true.The clothes people choose to wear, however, do provide information about their __4__. The most obvious way in which is for the amount of money spent on them. Expensive clothes look expensive and show their wearer had money. Clothes can provide other __5__ as well. The upper classes __6__ to be less interested in fashion and wear good quality clothes in non-bright colours, made of natural material like wool, leather or cotton. Lower working class people often choose clothes in bright colours, made of man-made material. A sociological explanation for this would be that color and interest are mssing from their lives, and therefore any opportunity to introduce this is __7__.Clothes are __8__ at a price within most people’s reach. New clothes make the wearer feel good, and show some __9__ of wealth to the outside world. Today some new fashions are started by the lower working class people who want to look __10__ and feel important. They want people to look at them.


A. available   
B. background    
C. different    
D. tall    
E. totally

F. taken      
G. descriptions    
H. degree      
I. clues   
J. alone

K. appear     
L. consider       
M. full        
N. hobby  
O. fetched 

    • 解题思路:此处应填形容词。句子意思是“衣服的价钱......,大多数人都买得起。”选项中只有available“可以接受的”符合题意。
      • 解题思路:此处应填形容词。由new fashions和feel important可推出工人阶级想通过穿衣来改变他们,而选项中只有different“与众不同的”符合此意,故选择C)。
        • 解题思路:此处应填副词。可选项有totally和alone,由前一句中just可推出,外表上的细节仅仅能告诉加拿大时时彩技巧这个人的健康状况,平时的营养状况以及他所从事的工作而不能看出他所处的阶级,故排除totally而选alone“惟一”。
          • 解题思路:此处应填名词。由a price within most people’s reach可推出,此处新衣服向外界显示的是穿衣者的富裕程度,故选择degree“程度”。 
            • 解题思路:此处应填动词的原形。选项中有appear和consider,appear可直接接不定式;而consider带不定式的复合结构,用于主动语态时,consider后面得接宾语,故选appear。
              • 解题思路:此处应填名词。现在的生活和工作条件改善了,情况已经不同了。而such指代的是上文中对一百年以前工人阶级和上层阶级的身体状况的身体状况的描述,故descriptions“描述”符合题意。 
                • 解题思路:这句中this指代bright colour,句子主干是any opportunity is...。可选项有taken和fetched,take“抓住”则可以与opportunity搭配,但fetch“拿来”不能与opportunity构成动宾搭配,故排除fetched而选taken。
                  • 解题思路:此处应填名词。根据句意“衣服可以提供...方面的信息”,选项中有background和hobby,选background“人的背景,社会阶层”,符合文章主题。
                    • 解题思路:此处应填形容词。因此此句和前一句是在将以前的工人阶级和上层阶级的身体状况进行对比,故此处应填与small“矮的”意思相反的词,选项中只有tall符合题意。而full“丰满的”不能用来修饰sporting types,故排除。
                      • 解题思路:由as well可知,此处应填名词且与本段首句中的informaiton的意思相近,选项中只有clues“线索”符合题意。
                      • 参考答案:A,C,J,H,K,G,F,B,D,I