• 试题题型【写作 Section A】
Suppose you want to leave a note to Dick Smith, one of your friends, asking him whether to go hiking on weekends . In the note you have to tell him where to go, when to set out, what to prepare and with whom to go together. You should write appropriately 100 words . Do not sign your own name at the end of your note . Use“Linda” instead . You do not need to write the address .
  • 参考答案:September 18, 2001
    Isn’t it very good for a hike in these days ? Are you free this weekend? Would you like to join us in this weekend’ s hiking ? I will be very pleased if you will accept my invitation. Mary and John have already agreed to go. We’ ve decided to set out to the Yellow Stone National Park . Mary and John will prepare food and I will take care of drinks . I hope that you will bring us a camp. Let’ s meet at the bus terminal at 5: 30 p .m . on Friday. See you then !