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   现在大学生的学习压力相当重。除了大四,他们开始找工作了,其余的学生总是忙于学习,而不愿参加校园团体和俱乐部,不愿参加体育锻炼和其他课外活动,不愿与他们的朋友玩玩,不愿关心和学习没有关系的事。总之,他们就像一个机器人。压力大,时间少,功课多。看到同寝室里的人都上图书馆去学习,到深夜闭馆才回,而自己却去看电影,他们就会有一种内疚感。一想到白天什么事都没干,心里就感到不安,会整夜因此睡不着觉。他们学习太紧张,几乎没有时间好好品尝生活,干些其他事,成为一个全面发展的人。读大学使他们失去太多的个人幸福和健康。 大学英语四级在线题库
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      College students now bear heavy academic pressure.You will find them—except seniors who are beginning to look for a job—always too busy in studies to join campus organizations too busy to take part in sports and other extracurricular activities too busy to share the interests of their friends and too busy to pay attention to anything that is not connected with their studies.In short they have become nothing but a robot.They are under pressure to do too much work in too little time.If their roommates are studying in the library until it closes at midnight while they go to a movie they will feel guilty.The very idea of doing nothing during the day will make them uncomfortable and sleepless all night.They study so hard that they have hardly had time to savor life and to pursue other interests to grow as well-rounded people.The pursuit of college education costs them too much personal happiness and health.