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  By 1970, according to a World Wildlife Fund report, only about 4,500 tigers survived throughout the world-half of them in India. Mr. Foresters, who followed and counted tiger footprints, estimated that in May 1972 only about 1,800 tigers existed in India. Project Tiger Supported by W.W.F. was immediately launched. Nine tiger reserves(保留地) were created, with armed guards protecting them.

  The project provided opportunities for researchers from India and abroad to study tigers in the reserves and gather previously unavailable information about their habits. Studies show that a male tiger may control a hunting territory of between 10 and 20 square kilometers, depending on its age, size and strength. Theterritory of male includes the smaller territories(领地) of three or four tigresses. A tiger marks the boundaries of its territories by spraying urine and other bodily liquids on bushes. But it tries to avoid territorial fights, being guided by the distinctive body smell of other tigers. Tigers fight to death only when a tigress is defending her young, or when a tiger is guarding a tigress from the attentions of other males.

  The popular image of the tiger is that of a merciless and unconquerable hunter. But studies show that it catches only one of 20 victims it tries to attack.

  Fears have recently developed that Project Tiger has been too successful. It has enabled the tiger population to double (by mid-80 S), but India"s human population has also grown out of control. Currently it is 750 million and likely to be 900 million by the end of the century. Land problem is becoming serious and many rural people feel bitter about the fact that some rich forests are reserved for tigers. A growing number of attacks by tigers on man has added to the hostility .

1.[单选题]The author seems _____.
  • A.to be enthusiastic about Project Tiger
  • B.to have a matter-of-fact attitude towards Project Tiger
  • C.to have a hostile attitude towards Project Tiger
  • D.to be satisfied with Project Tiger
  • 解题思路:纵观全文,作者对于老虎保护项目没有加入个人的主观色彩,他持的是一种客观的态度,故选B。
2.[单选题]Studies have shown that ______.
  • A.a tigress never attacks until attacked
  • B.the tigress is not as fierce as the tigers
  • C.a tiger usually fights another tiger to defend its own territory
  • D.the tiger is not an efficient hunter as is commonly described
  • 解题思路:第3段第2句说,但研究表明老虎捕捉猎物的成功率仅为1/20,B与之相符。第2段说到老虎一般会避免领土之争,C与之不符,故排除;A、D在原文中并未提及均可排除。
3.[单选题]The ultimate aim of Project Tiger is to _____.
  • A.study the growth rate of tigers
  • B.protect tigers from being killed
  • C.promote the breeding of young tigers
  • D.analyze the behavioral patterns of tigers
  • 解题思路:根据文章第1段,老虎被捕杀是其数量剧减的根本原因,因此使老虎免于被杀是野生动物保护基金会的最终目的,故选D。
4.[单选题]Some people are afraid that Project Tiger _____.
  • A.has been carried too far
  • B.has not received enough attention
  • C.has failed to achieve its goal
  • D.is not worth the money spent on it
  • 解题思路:文章第4段首句说,许多人近来开始担心老虎项目过于成功,C项是该句的同义替换,故为答案。
5.[单选题]According to the passage, a tiger"s territory _____.
  • A.remains unchanged
  • B.is often defended by tigresses
  • C.expands as the tiger grows up
  • D.is the cause of most fights
  • 解题思路:第2段第2句提到,研究表明,一头雄老虎依年龄、体型及力量可以控制10至20公里的狩猎领地,随着老虎的长大,其体型及力量都在增大,其占领的狩猎领地的面积自然也就增大,故A正确。
  • 参考答案:B,B,D,C,A