• 试题题型【听力 Section B】
Part B

Directions :

   You will hear four dialogues or monologues. Before listening to each one, you will have5 seconds to read each of the questions which accompany it. While listening, answer each question by choosing A, B, C or D. After listening, you will have 10 seconds to check your answer to each question. You will hear the recording only once.

Questions 11-13 are based on the following dialogue about buying cars.

1.[单选题]What kind of car does the woman plan to buy?
  • A.A wagon.
  • B.A sports cur.
  • C.An estate car.
  • D.An energy-saving jeep.
2.[单选题]Whom does thr man introduce t0 the woman for
  • A.A reporter.
  • B.A car specialist.
  • C.His friend.
  • D.His colleague.
3.[单选题]Why did the man buy a jeep?
  • A.He got a special price for it.
  • B.He found its style attractive.
  • C.It has bigger room than an estate car.
  • D.It suits long trips better than an estate car.
  • 参考答案:C,C,B