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  • 试题题型【翻译】
  • 参考答案:    At present,more than 40 countries in the world grow tea,with Asian countries accounting for 90%of the world’s total output.The origin of all tea trees in other countries,either directly or indirectly,is China.The words for tea leaves or tea as a drink in many countries are derivatives from the Chinese character “cha”.To make a good pot of tea,special attention must be paid to the water quality,water temperature,the amount of tea leaves used and the type of teapot. The habit of drinking tea was spread to Japan in 6 A.D.,but was not introduced to Europe and America until the l7th and l8th centuries.Now,the number of tea drinkers in the world is large and still increasing.
  • 解题思路:1.第一句中,“而亚洲国家的产茶量占到了全球的90%”为次要信息,可翻译为with引  导的伴随状语。
    2.第二句中,“都直接或间接地”是修饰句子谓语“源自”的,可放在动词之前,译为  either directly or indirectly。
    3.第三句中,“……的衍生物”翻译为are derivatives from…。
    4.第四句中,“要想泡一壶好茶”表目的,翻译为To make a good pot of tea。
    5.第五句中,“传到”就是“引进到”的意思,翻译为was introduced to…比较合适。